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Who can make 100 IDs top quality in like 7 days or less?

We can do it easy. We will even give you a discount. We can have them in the mail by Saturday of this week

Is this forum dead? If not, does anyone want to process venmo or Zelle for us we pay 20%

Man what is a synthetic identity haha this sounds way above my pay grade. That would be awesome to be able to open a bank account with just a completely made up identity. What countries is this possible in?

teslin information help

You think PVC is a pain so youre thinking about switching to Teslin. LOL. GL

Novelty Nation is a scam

We didnt' scam this guy he just received his order late, for which I apologize

Novelty exit scammed?

Nope. Just went on vacation for a while. We're back now and will have everything out over the next week or two. Sorry if you've been waiting for a while

modern alternative to Alps MD5000 printer

i miss totse

Novelty Nation came through

sorry it took so long. we got really behind with the whole bcs thing and held back a couple of batches while we updated our states. usually anything paid by wednesday night goes out on friday. thanks for the vouch though we appreciate it

Novelty Nation vendor took my payment and will respond to inquiries

your first message on telegram got buried sorry, we got back to you earlier today. we're not a scam. sorry your order didn't go out in the first batch though that's our bad. usually anything paid for by wednesday night goes out that friday but this custome

modern alternative to Alps MD5000 printer

yeah I don't think the 5000 is the move in 2022 haha. either get a screen printer or buy from someone who has one.

And yeah if you're from 10 years ago you probably remember the days of ultimatefakes & bad ideas, but this is probably the closest you're

Anyone that can assist us in making barcodes that pass the BCS update please reach out

$500? The only reason I didn't initially is it depends on what we're paying for. I would pay someone a couple hundred to just tell us generally what BCS is catching, just give us enough information so that we can go through and fix everything ourselves. I'

BCS-Passing nFL Barcode Gen For Sale

Do you have telegram or email?

We are not selling printers

I understand the 5 fargos for different colors of UV... but why do you have 3 P600's haha

How to beat the new BCS update?

you're the hero we need but don't deserve rn... pls help us all

BCS Detects Fakes now

No but the chances of you running into someone scanning with BCS is slim so it's unlikely to affect you. If your ID were to get taken because of this, we would give you a discount on a replacement

How to beat the new BCS update?

you got email or tele? @fakeidvendor on tele, [email protected]

How to beat the new BCS update?

Oh I kind of assumed that lucy and 21done would work because they claim 1:1. Does 21done work?

BCS Detects Fakes now

Yup we're all gonna have to update our shit. Fortunately BCS isn't all that widely in use.

If anyone can help us beat the new BCS we'll pay you or give you a bunch of free IDs, email us [email protected]

Novelty Nation scamming

why don't you try emailing us or hitting us up on tele... we've been shipping a batch every friday so I would be surprised if you've been waiting 3 weeks

Novelty Nation Pennsylvania and $23 ID

dm me we definitely respond to emails

Novelty Nation scamming

Hey we had some delays, but we're all set now. Fastest way to reach us is on protonmail - [email protected]

although I'm positive I did get back to on there already.

Vendor Ad Spot Auction - End: 04/30/2020 11:59:59pm PST - Must Pay By 05/01/2021

CK when you delete this spam pls reply to my PM it's a $400 bid to be put on the VVL

Novelty Nation Pennsylvania and $23 ID

Man I have no idea what you're talking about... but if you received a problematic ID from us email and we'll get you taken care of

Sorry for the delays in March, assume you were caught up in that but we're back to shipping every friday now

Novelty Nation Pennsylvania and $23 ID

Updated it to work for any future use of the coupon

A lot of suppliers are down or closed for good. Is anyone selling supplies (Holograms & OVI's)?

I can provide OVI for most states. 50 sheets for $900. perf 50 sheets for $200 . same shit I use on my IDs. Could sell a smaller quantity if you order a state I'm currently selling because then I"ll have it on hand. Email me

materials vendors gone

I can provide OVI for most states. 50 sheets for $900. perf 50 sheets for $200 . same shit I use on my IDs. Could sell a smaller quantity if you order a state I'm currently selling because then I"ll have it on hand. Email me

What software should I run for dual sided card printing?

thanks boss

What software should I run for dual sided card printing?

We have a full team working round the clock working to change the WV signature to the current governor but we cannot make any promises. The technology just might not be there yet


like how to make IDs? there are a couple. there's one from defcon. The issue is there are so many new security features that you won't get far with the old school diy stuff anymore.

Two NEW FL physicals for sale. Make an offer if you want one

Yeah we'll make a post on this soon, we're rolling out a bunch of new states and payment methods

Can any vendor guarantee an ID in 9 days?

We can guarantee by like next Wednesday if you order this evening.

Do I have to buy a separate printer for uv inks

Yes you absolutely need a separate printer. You probably want to get a new one because if the printer has been used prior to print non UV ink, the ink from the heads will contaminate your UV cartridges (in my experience)

Best Vendor for Following IDs?

We will be adding LA soon!

Novelty Nation?

Here's a review someone left for us

looking for rates for ~75 person order

We can offer you a promo code for 35% off, so $19/ID for our NJ which we just improved to be (almost) instate quality

We're also adding rhode island in the next couple of weeks

Teslin lamination issue

It entirely depends on the state dawg

Question for resellers

If you resell from us we can ship directly to your customer so you never even handle the IDs and for all they know you mailed them to them (we don't include any marketing materials with reseller orders)

How Will Real ID Affect Fake IDs in the Future?

One thing that has been true throughout history is criminals being 1 step ahead of government bureaucracy at all times. "oh no raised text!" - 1 year later a $1k machine to make raised text. Not much they can do besides lower the drinking age to something

Vendors: Your Thoughts on the Election?

Get back to us in a week, we've been up for 72 hours printing IDs for biden's NV win

Big Batch Shipped Express For Halloween Arrival - Pics!!

Damn that is a lot of IDs. How many days worth of orders is that?

Is sending a physical risky?


Anyone have news on blackID?

he's gone m8. exit scammed. we got screwed too

if you wanna order from someone else check us out. we only make 2 states but we're domestic and we can get you your ids in a matter of days. we can also get you a promo code for $22.50/customer since you go

Who has the best cheap + fast combo? !

New Florida ID (opinions?) (pics included)

Lol... that's pretty bad sorry. I wouldn't use that near florida. Elsewhere you're totally fine

Looking for Physicals ($$$ or Free IDs)

All of us should just post the physicals we have on the vendors forum so we can trade. I don't have any of those but I'm sure somebody already does

Best website for MI fake ID

Ours is not the highest quality but it is the same quality as most vendors and only $29

Edit: just noticed your username, for that I'll just tell you promo code fakeidvendors gives 10% off

Best website for Michigan ID

I'm not going to claim to be better than vikings but I bet we would be similar in quality. We have a lot of customers using our MI in state against our advice... and we're only $29

new Illinois ovi

I'll give you $100 for it

States for Florida

Does not really matter. if you're using it in a small town maybe look for something in the region but in a college town it seriously doesn't matter because so many students are from out of state

Want to switch reseller program.

We make NJ and can't offer much variety but can get you IDs in a matter of days because we're domestic and have really low order volume. Also can get you in at a discount on our already low $29/ID and send you batch pictures to show your customers to get t

New payment method / Anyone receive anything from blackID the last couple of weeks?

Ouch... makes me wish I posted this sooner but I didnt' want to be pre emptive