1. No personal information

    2. No unrelated content

    3. Don't be a dick

    4. No direct deals

    5. No shilling

    6. No referral links or URL shorteners

    7. No content related to harm of others

    8. Title your posts properly


    Active Raffles

    We are a community of people interested in Fake IDs. Here at FakeIDVendors we share interesting links, articles, and stories related to these topics.

    Please read this page before using the website.

    No Personal Information

    Do not post any of your's or another's personal information (picture, address, name, email etc) here. It will be removed the instant that we see it. Not only is it extremely unsafe.

    Penalty: Warnings and bans based on the severity of offense

    No Doxxing

    Doxxing is defined as the posting of another person's private or identifying information, especially with ill intent. Doxxing, regardless of intent or target, is not permitted in the slightest on this sub or anywhere that connects with us.

    Penalty: Bans with extreme prejudice

    No Order Identifiers

    Information that reference exact orders or lead to them are considered sensitive information and not allowed. Examples of prohibited order identifiers: exact order numbers, bitcoin addresses, transaction ids, tracking numbers, MTCN numbers. Posting a range of order numbers is allowed, i.e. "Orders between 100-150" or "Order #20xx."

    Addendum: Exact shipping dates for international vendors are also considered sensitive information and fall under this rule.

    Penalty: Warnings and bans for repeat offenders

    No Stealth Information

    Comments and posts that compromise the OPSEC of a vendor are not allowed. Do not reveal vendors' stealth shipping methods, package descriptions, shipping origins, or any other information deemed sensitive. Shipping dates for international vendors are also considered sensitive information and are not allowed.

    No Impersonation

    Any users claiming to be already present vendors, customer service representatives, or partners of vendors without verification are not allowed. You will be banned and your posts removed without warning.

    Penalty: Bans that may be appealed through verification with the modteam

    No Unverified Advertising

    All vendors advertising their services must be verified by the moderation team. Unverified vendor introduction posts, product previews (discussing production methods are allowed), and all other forms of unverified advertisement are not allowed. Regardless of verification delays, unverified selling will not be tolerated.

    Penalty: Bans and possible verification disqualification