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PGP Key - Throwback to the decision that saved us from the BCS scanning app update - 1:1 barcodes, how and why - --resources inside--

Been wayyyy too long since we've seen some quality posts like this. Nice work

The Current BCS Situation Just Shows How Fucking Dumb Tik Tok Kids Are

It's quite amazing how they jumped to that ultimatum.

I'm back

Welcome back!

novelty nation scammed me BEWARE

Please keep us up to date!

Free Barcode Generator + Source

I'm impressed. Very cool!

novelty nation scammed me BEWARE

Thank you for posting this. We as mods will investigate these claims and take action if necessary. It is you, the users, who hold the ultimate check on vendors. We would have no true way of knowing without you posting.

It be like that sometimes...

Yeah, that's a peculiar psychological phenomenon. I would guess there is some implicit bias that commenting down a thoughtful answer gives the user the perception that they have better odds to win.

Hong Kong Customs Confiscating ID?

I have heard about Customs snatching IDs but I thought that happened more in the states and not in Hong Kong.

99.9% of seizures would happen at customs, hence why vendors who offer domestic shipping is such a major advantage in my opinion.


OIS incorrect signature

I would contact them again, politely explain the situation and show sufficient proof. And if they still don't comply, make a post here on why users should avoid ordering from them. Ultimately, users here hold the ultimate check on the vendors.

Best PA 2021 ?

Are any in state passable? If you mean 1:1 perfect, no. Albeit, this forum has very high quality expectations, and thus IDs from here blow away IDs from DNMs in terms of quality.

Will they work in state still? Very likely yes. The average person who

Anyone receive from FakeYourDrank recently?

Yes, FYD is still very much so active. Contact his support via his website for that

PSA: New App "StoreGuard ID Scanner" checking id addresses

Interesting concept, but most people enter real addresses on Fake IDs, so nothing really would change.

Is FYD still active?

To my knowledge, yes its still active. It could be your email service or even your internet provider blocking it. Try making a ProtonMail email account and use Tor browser while sending.

Is FYD still active?

Yes, he is still active



Need College template or College ID made

I believe IDViking offers those.

NY License photo quality

The top one is the old style one. It's for those who had the old license and chose not to update their picture. No fake should be of that style as it's virtually phased out for newer issued IDs.

I miss Ted


Yes, Fake IDs work at GameStop

Ha. Quite humorous how many people thought they could override hedge funds.

Order Seized Domestically??

If it were seized, it almost certainly would say seized on tracking. Very rare that it doesn't. Most likely, your post office or mailman is at fault. It's a tough predicament to be in. On the one hand, it sucks you don't have your ID. But for a vendor

Yes, Fake IDs work at GameStop

Diamond hands!

Best Wisconsin ID?

Check detailed reviews of both, and see which one you think is better.

Best fake for Florida

I'd recommend getting a NJ over an in state FL.


Well then..