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Laminators: TLC 5500T vs 7000T vs Jupiter 2 125

The 7000T I would suggest. Make sure to use a carrier! I've had mine break a couple times but that was over the course of 10,000+ IDs.

Why so slow here these days

NY just came out, takes a while.

Serious advanced question about ovi

Best way to immitate this with a Zebra printer using reflective film.

Need help domain and hosting

Njalla actually kicked us off their registrar and didn't want to be involved with us in anyway. Think someone paid them off though. Guy is a real cunt.

birth certificate vendor?


birth certificate vendor?



We will sell you a brand new NY issued 1 month ago for $2k

we need to bring back the discord

We have a self hosted discord server that will be setup that will be unbannable and moderated by FakeIDVendors.

I found a new promising barcode software

Looks pretty basic

MagicFakes still around

1 Vendor per account. They were multiple websites, 1 vendor.

So uh rip discord

Nah, we'll upgrade our chat though to something better. Discord-ish.

So uh rip discord

Those vendors were all the same person.

So uh rip discord

That was the plan :) We don't need 5 of the same vendors acting as different people to take competition away from other competing vendors.

Let's be fair.

We can integrate a discord like chat into the forum and upgrade it though.


Post your wickr

Make me a website

Contact us. @CerealKiller

I'm Drunk, AMA

Why are u gay

Why is lost still a verified vendor

Can you show us pics?

Fake ID Distributor, Jailed


Also, usually you will just receive a letter in mail saying what was seized and if you want to claim it as yours. So, just ignore it obv.

Fake ID Distributor, Jailed

Volume prob super low. Like 20 Ids I bet.

Fake ID Distributor, Jailed

Package available for clearance = Seized.

IDKing confiscated at liquor store

You win some and you lose some, that's why most vendors provide a duplicate ID.

Fake ID Through airport

You'll be fine. Just put it behind your CC.

FYD cancelled paid order..

submit a support ticket and they will tell you?


Send wickr

[FakeYourDrank] Shipments - Posted Tracking

Yes contact our support. We are allowing for address changes if it is not shipped yet.

How do you know if an id got seized??

  1. USPS : "Inbound into customs" - if on this longer then a few days usually means seized.
  2. Fedex : "Clearance In Progress" status usually means seized.
  3. DHL : "Clearance Event" status usually means seized.

[FAKEYOURDRANK] Shipment Updates - Disregard last Mass update

On the way to the USA right now.

[FAKEYOURDRANK] Shipment Updates - Disregard last Mass update

Batch 314, not scheduled to ship till next Wednesday~.

what happened to lost-ids??

Prob a bit delayed.

When did you order, the exact date?

Is my package seized? OIS (USPS)

You dumb for posting your tracking number, but yes that "inbound into customs" usually means seized.

film New Jersey ID from idchief

You have a duplciate ID dont you? You win some and lose some, just go to another bar


1-2 weeks if ems

Clearence event



They're active. Read our announcement on shipment delays.

Venders please note that if this result occurs, the domain name has been lost.

It's because they were selling counterfeit goods of a company, NFL jerseys to be exact.

Companies like this can easily take down domains for copyright

[Coronavirus] Shipping Delays For Vendors

Pretty much all

Fake Your Drank Signature not showing up

No if no sig they will make you one, you should be fine.


Just do it

Did FYD update some IDs to have the real ID star

Yes, they are updated

IDKing: Ordered ID a month ago, still not even made?

CORONAVIRUS YOU DAMN TARD. All China shipments were closed until Feb 10th.

Looks like they posted an announcement yesterday?


Which site are you ordering from...? link us. If it's not then it's a scam.

But no legitimate site, EVER. will ask you for $700, so please do not be retarded.

IDGod still has not shipped my package- ordered on 12/16/19



Do you wanna be fucking banned? This is how you get banned


Try asking your bank why

New-ids email request

How quality fakeyourdrank's Vermonts


Longest Time Stuck in Customs?

Can take up to a week.

JustIDs not responding to ticket?

Post proof of no response in 2 weeks

Idking texS

Looks good.

DHL package seizure?

They send new ones if seized. They only ship that way if you order rush. If you do not order rush they ship it domestically, but can take a tad longer