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when i used to resell, the list price was $100 mark up. i’d usually discount it to only $75 to make people think they were getting a deal. Most groups paid $50 mark up. The absolute lowest I would go would be $40 marked up per ID.

My expenses were $50/yr VPN, $200/year in drop locations, I had a website that I operated and streamlined ordering proccess for $200 a year.

most of my new cutsomers came from word of mouth and me also talking to close friends. I employed a few people to resell me who just always paid $100 and could charge whatever they wanted and keep the difference. They always did pretty good at getting groups


usna22 [S]

lol this is some next level shit. How would you deal with a vendor getting delayed big time or if they exit scammed? Or would you just use IDgod?


goochmaster Moderator

Would rarely use god. I had one vendor I worked with consitently and felt secure that he wouldn’t scam or be delayed.

When I did deal with big delays from old vendors or other vendors it was just not to put unrealistic expectations on the table. always state turnaround longer than usual. etc etc



i resell through FYD generally, when the opportunity presents itself, I mark it way up considering the people I gather to sell to.



Use a burner cell.. Use wickr and try to handle your main resellers thru wickr. For all the other people you resell to, if they dont want to use wickr you can just use the burners number and change it out every so often but id recommend wickr for chatting about that stuff.

Advertise the shipping time as twice what a vendor says just in case. When they come in faster all the time theyll be happier

I mark the ID's up to about $100 each maybe a little more if i knew their money situation. You'll know when you start throwing prices around by how they react. Even if you sell for $60 per and are paying out $35 per person youre making easy money and you make the buyer feel like they are getting a deal.. Only go that low if they have a lot of people.

To get people to resell for you, tell them a set price and for every person you bring them youll give them a $5 bonus per person to incentivize them to bring more. This is how i do it. The goal is to make people feel like theyre getting a deal and treat them well so they come back.

Id recommend Evolved or FYD to resell. Both long standing vendors and even when my evolved order was delayed awhile back, i still got it. Ive made over 15k reselling evolved so I've stuck with them.



Used to roam around the old sub and went from reselling to high school friends to selling to half of greek life at my school. All I did was tell people who ordered my fakes to tell their friends and for each person they bring me they'll get $5. Long story short, I made over 15 grand within a year and a half and lost it all.



HI guys - ID primo here

We are new vendor (but old on dream market and alphabay ) and we are always looking for affiliates.

commission: $30 per ALL EXPENSES PAID


Most clients get ids within 2-3 business days

wickr : idlord1 jabber; [email protected]