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One of my homies goes to school in DC, he uses a OIS nCA. That is my favorite ID and I rave about it all the time, but the 21done IL I have legitimately is probably a better ID, especially for DC. You should have no problem using it at most places.

Like a lot of people here say, it all depends on how you act/look more than the ID itself. But I've had 2 babyfaced friends use 21done in state so I wouldn't worry too much about it. Also if you know younger people in the area/college kids, ask around or maybe go to a subreddit for one of the DC schools and see what bars are good to visit.



With a 21done you can really go anywhere and you gotta think like that too. If you think of it as just as good as a real ID the confidence will make all the difference.


samp987 [S]

21done is for sure the best I've seen, but only been using in the South, never been to or used a fake up north. I dont know how strict they are in D.C.



Obviously it depends where you go, but in my experience DC wasn't too strict. Just know your ID info and the basics about the state you're from and you should be good to go.



I’m a little late to the party but pretty much all the places that are hard asses are closed rn. Tbh most bars don’t have a ton of people rn and they want the money