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Same exact thing for me except its only been a little over 3 weeks. I contacted them and they just said my order was confirmed. No status update, still says pending.


Evolvedids OG Vendor

We made a massive update on our site about what you & OP are talking about.

Its a visual bug on our customers "My Orders" page. All domestic orders (Factory 2) are showing an incorrect status. All domestic orders up to mid-late April have been shipped out as of early this week. A few we had to hold because signatures were missing but we fixed that and are working on those this weekend. Should be all caught up with domestic orders by next week



Yo it's kingforgecs, my wicker went down and i lost all my contacts and i can't reach you. I have the same wick @ so i should get your message if you message me but if i don't reply it's cause i haven't got it so DM here pls