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Mmmmm. Depends on how ur making it. If your using cheap chinese polycarbonate I'd say any inkjet printer with a pvc tray. If u have real polycarbonate sheets... I'm using a 1200 dpi laser printer and a laser cutter for the core sheet window. Hope this helps



Your printing right on Polycarbonate using a inkjet printer? Thought inkjet tray printers only print on special inkjet coated cards that can trap the ink. Didnt think such polycarbonate cards existed?

Even if they did, I would imagine their texture would feel more matte and flat than real polycarbonate cards (closer to gloss/semi-gloss).



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Coming to this site was very interesting as I got to know a lot about printers. I have never visited this site here so it was a treat for me to know about it. I will be coming here again.



I would say the nisca or xid8600