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Haha if you have a messed up scratchy ID wouldn’t it also seem sus? As soon as they scan it, you’ll get caught. If they’re strict about fakes they’ll be strict about any IDs. As long as you can play it off and they don’t take the marks too seriously/doesn’t scan it? Plus since it has your real info you can get tracked down, I believe that there is also a law against altering an ID. You can get away with it by saying that you didn’t alter the birthdate intentionally, but rather that it just got stratched up. Either way idk how they can tell you have a fake, I’d recommend you use a quality out of state + confidence :)


dipstick89 [S]

I have an OIS Missouri


i_main_darius Y E E T

OIS MO is quite good, not Budget but it'll do



i'd say OIS but the quality they did on mine was bad enough to get it taken at the first dive bar i hit up



my OIS just got snatched in new mexico for not scanning and a oversized signature, does anyone know wht to do for reprinting



Idk, you need something really good and fast ish because before august lol, either OIS rush or like DFIDS nTX