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We won't let you down! Check out our group pricing here:

As soon as you have bought 20 IDs or more from our site, you automatically qualify to be a reseller. We have some of the best rates available and customer service that can help with any order every single day. PM if you have other questions! :D



Magic is very good with reseller. you can make a lot if you have big groups as their coupon codes stack along with their resell rates on the site. FYD is also pretty good, although you may need to sell I think roughly 10 ids beforehand? You can always apply and they may approve you without a sale, no risk.

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We are great to work with almost 11 years in business. We will have a new site up soon and will have a lot of new stuff and new reseller offers.



I like 21done's reseller system but they only make one state which is a big downside - good price and deals though

Magic also has a huge variety of states which are pretty good quality, good communication and have deals pretty often that stack on top of reseller rates

I've heard good things about budgets as well but haven't personally used them, so I can't say for sure


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Our reseller system allows you to send your customers to a custom website that doesn't reveal who we are and gives them a place to enter all of their details and submit their picture and signature. We can even purchase a custom domain name of your choice for white label/branding purposes.

They are issued an ID Number after submitting the form. With that ID Number and their last name, you are able to place your orders for these customers. You completely avoid all of the hassle of data collection and organization, as well as lost revenue due to making mistakes when typing in all of their information and having to replace any mistakes you make out of your own pocket. You can check out what the customer will see here (password: fake) Custom domain names will allow you to send them to an identical page, just without our name anywhere for the customer to see.

We ship weekly and do so on a batch system so you always know when it will ship and when you will have tracking for your customers. We started the batch system at the end of 2019 and shipped each batch each week without fail. We did not miss a single week in 2020.

We have an internal wallet system that allows you to fund your account with us once and then place orders instantly deducting from that wallet balance, making payments a breeze and drop shipping (entering the customer's address and having the order shipped directly to them completely avoiding handling the IDs and allowing you to sell nationwide) super simple and easy to understand.

We will correct any issues our resellers have basically no questions asked to ensure your success. You will have a direct line of communication with reseller support who can provide you with immediate help most hours of the day. Selection is currently limited to one state, but it's a state that will work anywhere in the country including the most determined bars and clubs in Chicago. New states will be released and when they are, they will be exclusive to resellers only for a short time while we make sure everything is working smoothly.

We take very good care of our resellers, and pride ourselves on the system we have created. You're welcome to join the team. -21done

edit: Oh yeh, and we're domestic. 100% domestic. We even produce all of our own material by hand domestically. Zero risk of seizure. No dependence on China.