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My Experience with Lost recently: Purchased about $1,000 worth of OVI Lams, perfs and mag stripe lams (mag stripe practically thrown in for free) After an encouraging 1hr+ wickr convo i sent some rando in Asia $1k USD BTC. And heard nothing. Asked if he received and I got a 'Yea I got it'

I'm patient, and I know how busy I get so didnt want to bother him so I waited a few days. Sent a 'you there? did you ship the shit?' ..and no response.

Finally said something along the lines of I'll pay you extra if I get the shit (a complete bluff) Finally after another day I got a response saying that my username got lost in all the plebs he talks to (ok I added the pleb part lol) Anyway, he replied with a tracking # clearly showing the package had actually shipped soon after I ordered it (i.e. the bluff bribe did not incentivize him)

The next day I received roughly a 40lb box of paper. Oh my God. I was using it to build muscle for a hot minute there lol.

Everything is in it and i havent counted but it looks to be way more than I ordered. The quality looks to be pretty good. The mag stripe lams are at least 10mil if not 14. The OVI lam is a little thinner, it feels like 7mil - I asked him about this and he said they probably adjusted the thickness to feel more like the real thing, mixed with the super thick mag striped I bet it'll be great. The Perf's are perfect. 10up and every one of them perfectly straight, not slightly crooked like another vendor I've ordered from.

Anyway, wanted to post that this dude did indeed ship my order, promptly and with quality. Especially after all the negative posts on here, maybe I got lucky. Who knows lol. I will post again once I've ran them through and see how they look!!

This was all within the last two weeks by the way.

Thanks Lost! Will order again!



Lucky, I got ripped off.


nnnet Newbie Vendor

your OVI is super cheap but your perf is expensive. I pay more than double for my OVI but pay less than 1/2 for perf. Overall it ends up being about the same but just kinda interesting. I wish I could buy your OVI and keep my current perf supplier but I run an 8up


lostidentification [S] OG Vendor

how much you pay for perfs? We make ours quite good because of the fact that we do them slowely and carefully so that's why i kept the price the same as the ovi. However, depending on the amount of product the price can go down.