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he's fine a minor + misdemeanor= nothing in the long run. Might get slapped with community service. Even with the strictest DA they must follow the guidelines of a misdemeanor of a minor with no previous criminal history. It's a victimless crime and its non violent so nobody is going to jail and his life will continue on



Also side question, was he approached by them while in the store and he just sorta showed them? Or was he already at the cash register and one of them was posing as a cashier? what questions did they ask him and what did her respond? Just asking all of this so it doesn't happen to me


warmstateman32 [S]

We ran into the store together to grab a six pack, and this is our regular spot so the guy doesn't even card us. The two officers were young females in streetwear, barely even noticed they were there. As soon as we left the store they pretty much isolated him and told him they knew he had a fake and he kind of panicked and handed it over. They never saw him use it so that was a mistake



Were the just next to the register or like? I just want to avoid this.. were they just lingering ?


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Alameda, I'm pretty sure, is one of the reddest counties in the Bay. You may be fucked since the county's DA probably is one of those "tough on crime" dumbasses. Depends on how many MiPs they see, maybe since CSUEB is there they might be lenient. Hopefully they strike a deal where you take a class and do community service or something and they don't even charge you so it doesn't even go on your record.



Lawyer up bruh



Im in SJ what fake were you using?


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one of the unlucky ones