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It all depends on the state you want and what it uses. I would stick to states that don't use overlays.


divineactions [S]

Im aiming for IL because its a border state to mine, and a decent number of students at my soon-to-be college are from there, but not enough that a bouncer will know what a real ID is perfectly.

Is there a list of states that dont't use overlays?

Similarly, does anyone have a recommendation of the state with the most "passable fake id" but also not one that looks fake to begin with, if that makes sense. Like i see a lot of "in-state passable" ohio id's but at the same time, not being from ohio the id just looks fake to begin with, at least to me lol.

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nil is a state that doesnt use an overlay so your good.



the new one anyways

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lol there is no old nil , new il =nil



I just read IL sorry haha



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well we sell very high security states like WI, VA, NNY that dont have ANY holos and probably would work better than either