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realSalzinator Last Surviving OG

Like you really gave that PS a 9/10 when the background is a completely different color the the real ones? Doesn't look like he even tried to color match this entire ID. DOesn't stop you from saying, "Wow, such fire ZoMGGG"


Ramses Small Penis Compensator

The background is eh, we use a shitload of different blues. It won’t ever get past a 7/10 because the Washington header is off as is the guilloche colors, and it has terrible UV (from my copy a while ago but may have changed). It can’t even hit a 6/10 in my book because that tree isn’t in the correct spot nor the proper color tones. I will say, decent for OOS but you won’t even hit an AMPM with that thing in WA.



this is a complete shit review lmao