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i ordered from you in november and you have ignored every support request ive sent after I sent you money.


IDKing [S] Vendor

That is unfortunate to hear, we make a good attempt to respond to each and every ticket in a timely manner, if you have not received any response at any time from us, there is a good chance it has found its way to your junk folder, please double check on this.




I ordered from IDKing with ticket



it's been months. I ordered from you two months ago and you've ignored all of my support tickets



A couple of things, I ordered back in November, and I keep getting the "bad photo contact support" marker, so I do contact support. It takes about a week for each support request to be acknowledged, and it always comes back with "remake the order" so I do. Nobody has told me which ID in the order has a bad photo (I've asked), and I have replaced the photos that could have been bad. I also do not receive confirmation emails from customer support, and I've tried multiple email addresses. I just want the IDs as quick as possible and customer support has disregarded my requests to ignore the "bad photo" (whichever it may be).