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    User gh0stfacechillah
    Since February, 4th 2019 18:40 (3 months ago)

    You can find my reviews on trustyid.reviews Junior Engineering Major at a SEC School. Former ID reviewer on the /r/fakeid subreddit (RIP to the shitposts). Have owned/reviewed BDDMV u21 GA, SPB u21 SC, Ted UT. Lost all my fakes from arrests/dumassery, time to get a new one!

    Email: g h o s t f a c e c h i l l a h (at) p r o t o n m a i l . com

    PGP Key: 68E2 18B4 0DDB AF7B C88D A554 1F8E 1A9F 7C5A 8DFB Can be found on MIT Keyserver.

    Karma 18
    PGP Key