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Aus Fake IDs

The cards I offer are VIC full license (blue), VIC Learners Permits (yellow) and VIC P’s (red) as well as NSW P2 and full cards

Licence Features: Comes with Hologram Stamp, Clear Window in the Middle of the Card with the fade around the photo, UV Print, Date of Birth, correct barcode (works with scanners)

I strictly make Australian ids, I ship from Australia thus I have never had a package get stopped or lost, as it doesn’t go through customs.

Prices vary depending on which card you need, all purchases come with a replacement copy. If you need multiple ids I have bulk pricing which you can ask me about.

Please send me an email [email protected], from there I will send you all the order details and information.

I only accept Bitcoin for payment, if you need assistance with the purchasing or paying with bitcoin I will assist you however needed.

Please note with photos you can take them on a smartphone at home but id recommend getting professional passport photos, these can usually be done at post offices for under $20. These can be emailed to you and are much better quality and guarantee 1:1 results

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