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Yes your on the right track



Are vendors actually selling proper polycarbonate fakes now days ?

Buying polycarbonate laminates doesn’t give the same results polycarbonate layers which are adhered under pressure, unless I’m mistaken.



Apparently you cant just use any regular laser engraver, has to be specific wavelength fibre laser machine or something. Even then it takes a lot of tweaking so it doesnt burn the card. Someone correct me if im wrong though.

Unless you skip the bs and just go straight to buying a fargo 8500LE or similar lol

I dont think any vendor is offering high quality fake polycarbontes, talked to a few and they said not worth the headaches of using lasers and all...who knows. Havent seen it being offered here atleast from any reputable vendor. Usually polycarb states are just done using teslin these days it seems.


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Correct, you must use a fiber laser.