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Hi! I order my id almost a month ago and it has been stuck on RTPcompleted for weeks now. I’ve submitted multiple tickets and haven’t gotten any response. Just wondering if it usually takes this long because it definitely didn’t last time. Just want to make sure i get what i paid for. Thanks.



im in the same boat, I received half my order (PVC) and now im waiting on the teslin


Evolvedids [S] OG Vendor

A lot of orders are updating over the next few days. The transfer put things back as well as an issue we found with orders ordered in December. We had to fix a bunch before printing them so that put us back by about a week or so.

My CS hasn't answered tickets because his panel i just found out isn't working properly. My dev will be fixing that tonight so my CS can get to all the tickets in the next day or so. I'll be making a post addressing all this as well



Hi! I'm trying to pay using xoom or zelle, but the site says both are disabled:(