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oi2 with 50off coupon code and just use btc its super easy


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We are great with groups. check it out



Your order is not very large. My price is not the lowest, but I value quality, if you think so, you can visit my website to learn more. You can also email me at any time. Our customer service team will help you deal with your questions in time.

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We have a promo price for Group order,$25-35 with duplicate, 3 work days delivery, use promo code: NFRS at

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We are great with groups.



21Done is very good with groups. They get super cheap the more and more that you add (my friend usually gets it down to $30 when doing groups). Their new Illinois is very good as well.

They also have an incredible shipping time. Usually I receive the package within 3ish days after placing the order though its taken up to a week before. By far the fastest order->delivery time out of the vendors here (they are newer so they have a smaller load of orders to fulfill=very fast delivery time).

If you need any help with them their cs uses wickr so you'll receive a response usually within a few minutes as well!


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You can click on our website to check out, we are the new certified dealer, we are doing a 50%