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NANI Lucy Computer Nerd

uh your name sounds vaguely familiar but idk. what vendors have yo worked for?

rates for pic and sig and you have examples? what's your background? there are a couple things i've been meaning to do but haven't gotten around to, or our implementation wasn't financially viable.


FoundingFathers Vendor

I 100% vouch for this nigga, they work hella good, hella quick. I have used them consistently since like the second after I started vending. Cannot recomend them enough.


roleplaycs [S]

thank u g <3


roleplaycs [S]

A short list of people I've worked with that I can think of off the top of my head: FoundingFathers (current), Schwifty (1.5yr? ish), Evolved(<1mo), PlurFakes (6mo), FCQ(1mo), Metro(7mo), idg0d (template sale), ForgeXVI(14mo-current), Corrupt (9mo), Artificial (3mo), and more local vendors than I can remember.

Prolly about 20+ in total? I've been around a while but I've usually always been with someone.

Rate is negotiable I'd need to see what the volume and workflow looks like, I've been paid anywhere from $3 for pic+sig all the way up to $6.50 but I can promise you it'll be competitive for the services and turnaround needed.

My background is that I hung out in r/fakeid a long-ish while ago and already knew some design stuff, I learned vertus overnight and then just hit up legit like 30 vendors, got a little bit of work and then we're at now. I've done paid work for full or automated RTP or just pics+sigs, I've automated templates and set up transgen CSVs and stuff, I've done graphic design, I've also done a bit of programming for one vendor, I've done CS, and I've even sold temps and physicals.

But yeah I just worked my way around and a month or two later I was mostly working with Schwifty and Plur, but ever since they've both been gone I've just been working mostly with FoundingFathers and random people part time.

Pretty much anything you need (except webdev) I can do it, quickly and with quality.

Example vertus work-



something with some effects:

The first one's a bit more technical of a picture so I figured I'd throw that in there for ya. I really can do just about anything. I'll put my wickr in your PMs so you or Lucy can hit me up. I actually hit Lucy up for work like 11 months ago I think LOL I've contacted them a couple times over my career.



hit up idking, they got huge out of no where and apparently get swamped CS but have some crazy good feedback and have seen them post about this


roleplaycs [S]

o sweet. thanks for the tip, yeah i think i might have messaged them a long time ago but i'll say what's up again.