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Since you're already on the forum, a review sure would be nice considering the ridiculous ratio of sales vs reviews we have received. They are very much appreciated. Home page and/or on the forum. Search for our name or any other vendors to see reviews people have written on the forum to get an idea of what kind of things people generally include. Touching on ordering ease and overall speed of each process would be handy. I will make sure to reward those who leave honest reviews regardless of what they say with first dibs on future product that we need reviews for.

Edit: Noticed your review on the homepage. Very nice! Very glad to see you appreciate it so much. A forum review would be icing on the cake, as that is a very nice review. Forum reviews give you the opportunity to display pictures how you choose and to format the review to your own liking. Explaining things like ease of use on the website, level of comfort/understanding on when things would ship or when tracking would be become available, accuracy of our claims, and overall speed of the process from start to finish. Reviews help more than many people realize. Thank you for the review!



Just curious, do you guys still have plans for nCA or other states? Or did you decide to just stick with nIL for now?



Heard from people in IN that Magic's is pretty good, wouldn't say near ISP though but I'm also pretty cautious about calling any ID that



Same as kpr, people have been pleased w Indiana from magic


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OIS got a sexy nIN.