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My experience with Videocon DTH is worst. Every half an hour the set top box automatically restarts and freezes the screen irrespective of channels.

When called, they said engineer consultation fee is applicable and the engineers visited 5 times and took fee of 200/- every time and they did nothing. They just checked the set top box and told every thing is fine. The moment I switch on the tv infrpnt of them, it restarted. I never ever recommend VIDEOCON DTH any one. We end up paying for worst services. Fhe problem is with software not the set top box. Even when the problem is at their end they ask us to shell out money.



My personal top starts with MAG540. But Im no sure whether you are aware that there's a buzz about the MAG540 and MAG544 set-top boxes. The latest firmware supposedly lets you pair up the new models with your older portal versions, check it out Still, this box is the best right now. Hope it will make sense for you