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Follow your instinct then, lol


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I think other things should be taken into consideration as well. Quality is important, and while ours will pass inside strict clubs in Chicago who fully intend on stopping every fake at the door, there are other factors to this that are equally, or near equally important.

When you order from us, you know when it will ship. Generally, as long as USPS isn't causing issues, you know when it will arrive, and you know when tracking will be provided.

If you have any issue of any kind, we will do our best to ensure you walk away from this happy. We always try to make sure that everyone who does business with us is thrilled that they did. Not just immediately after receiving their order, but months and months later. We have customers who have been using some of our earlier versions all of this time without fail.

We do everything domestic. We manufacture domestic, ship domestic, we even produce all of our own material domestically. All of the little holes making the state outline in the ID, all of the OVI with the skyline carefully color matched to the real thing.

The Florida clubs are some of the more difficult ones to pass, but that's mostly due to their frequent use of Intellicheck's AgeID barcode scanning software. We produce 1:1 superimposable barcodes identical to what would be officially produced using the same data. Video of AgeID scanning a barcode we produced containing our domain name within the barcode:

Anyway, looking forward to helping ensure your trip goes just the same as it would for you if you were already 21. Be safe and have fun!

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