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Bruh I say no more then yes now adays. Idk word gets around and people keep asking you. And don’t sell yourself short, everyone will pay 70 bucks or more for a Id and normally more then that



where? school, tell yours friends to tell people and word spreads, be careful and id recommend using something else for communication for people that wanna cop an ID, either wickr or telegram (pretty sure telegram is secured but dont quote me) and dont use your real name bc ive had friends at my school get busted for it. Thats if you plan on selling like a lot, otherwise if its just a few people a week then id say it doesnt really matter if they know its you, just make sure you dont sell to anyone whos sus (ask your friends about the person if you feel more safe doing that)



I made a private snap story and added close friends as well as some people I knew liked to party but wouldn't have a big mouth about It, my entire orders now are friends of friends. Incoming college freshman are going to want ones when school starts up and they realize they can't get into bars without one, just tell your friends to let their friends know



I used to make small fliers and put them in the freshmen residence hall bathrooms, I put a link to a proton mail email address and have people email their details to me there. Never met in person only mailed them to customers with a 50c stamp and no return address. Only accessed protonmail through TOR.



How do they pay you? Most of my customers are people who don't know how to buy or use crypto